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What tips to follow to increase the life of hot tub cover?

What tips to follow to increase the life of hot tub cover?

If you have purchase a new cover for your hot tub or spa then you must be in search of tips for taking care of the cover. The cover of your hot tub or spa acts like your outer jacket that fights the extreme weather while keeps the insides safe. It is important to pay attention to the health of the cover of the spa or hot tub. The better the health of the cover would be the better would be the condition on the inside. Here we have gathered a few amazing and practical tips for the protection and care of the cover for your hot tub.

  • Clean the cover on regular basis

To make anything last longer and stay in shape, you need to clean it properly and regularly. The cleaning of the hot tub cover can be done easily by making use of some wet towel or other piece of cloth that can clear off all the seams and depressions. If the cover has recently faced a rain, you can use a cloth to clear off excess water and debris and then use the towel to clean the cover properly.

  • Condition the cover properly

Once you have cleaned the cover of the hot tub, the pores on the cover become open just like the pores on our skin open up after exfoliating. So the condition is necessary to keep the vinyl surface protected and shiny. You will need the vinyl protectant to work as a luster for the cover. It will not only strengthen the cover but will also give a new look to it. Make sure to apply protectant every time after the cleaning of the cover.

To increase the life of the hot tub cover, these two steps are necessary. These steps are easy and simple to apply and include only the cleaning and conditioning of the cover. You need to make sure that you do these two tasks once every three months so that the cover stays in place and remains as intact and new as you bought it from the market.

There are a couple of general tips regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the hot tub cover as well. We will throw light on them in here.

What tips to follow to increase the life of hot tub cover?

  • Make sure to use only the cleaner that comes specifically for clearing off the spa covers. Using the common household cleaners could be hazardous for the users of the spa as well as could contaminate water and fungus might grow that could cause skin problems.
  • During the cleaning, if you find some cracks or opening in the lining of the spa cover, then make use of the liquid glue or adhesive that comes with the vinyl kit of the cleaner.
  • If the handlers on the side of the cover started to get tarnished, then you can make use of the stapler or needle to sew them back to shape.
  • If you find some hard debris on the surface of the cover, do not rub it off, first moisten it then clear it.