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Remote Access Apps for Android

Remote Access Apps for Android

It is known to everybody that some remote desktop applications, like TeamViewer, AeroAdmin, RealVNC etc. help us in connecting to a remote system. But what about our android phones? Do they get benefitted by this wonderful process?

Even a few days ago, the answer to this question was no. but now there are several apps which are available in theAndroid version as well.

So, let us know about some of those remote desktop apps which are available for Android.

  1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a known name when it comes to remote desktop access in PCs. But did you know that TeamViewer has its own Android version as well? Yes, this popular software app has its very own Android version, and you can install this app from Google Play store. The personal version is free of cost and for the business app, you need to spend some money.

TeamViewer Android version lets you access your system remotely as well as transfer your files and documents. Additionally, it provides some cool features likemulti-touch support, quality adjustment, friend list and so on. It is very easy to use and does not require any difficult setups.

  1. me

Join. me is a free remote access tool that can be downloaded from Google Play store. This simple app conducts video conferencing, audio and video calls, screen sharing and many other functions suitable for businesses, meeting scheduling etc. There is an orange button which is the screen sharing button. Tapping on which, your clients can see the screen of your android phone or tablet, find their required files and documents, slides and what not! They let you make unlimited video and audio calling, that too for free. Join.me has a Pro version which is richer in terms of features. It gives you some cool personalization options to choose from. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Android VNC Viewer

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computer. Android VNC Viewer lets you access your PC from an Android device. This app can be used for free. All you need to do is just download this app from Google Play store. There are no difficult configuration settings and even a beginner can use this app. It is that easy.

  1. PhoneMyPC

Remote Access Apps for Android

PhoneMyPC is an advanced Android-based remote access app. It provides a large number of beneficial features. There are no configuration settings required to use this application and you can readily access your PC via an Android device and with Wi-Fi or 4G connections.You can get PhoneMyPC by downloading it from its official portal. This application is improved for tablets, which makes it even handier. As it is much easier to manage your computer from a remote place on a tablet screen than a small screen of your android phone. PhoneMyPC is not free of cost and you require around $15 to get this one.

Here I have discussed only four remote access apps for android. There are many more. To know about them and also to know how these apps work on your desktop PC, visit layerpoint.com today.